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300 Click for offerThe Republicans’ injuries come as Democrats and some Republicans called for Mr. McConnell to bring up legislation to force gun buyers to go through background checks. For his part, Mr. McConnell issued a statement Monday night saying that he had asked three top committee chairmen “to engage in bipartisan discussions” about how to address gun violence “without infringing on Americans’ constitutional rights.” Valon Berisha at Lazio, Duje Caleta-Car at Marseille and Mounas Dabbour at Sevilla all passed through Salzburg in recent years. There is a whole phalanx of former Salzburg players at RB Leipzig, the German arm of the Red Bull project (though one that Freund takes pains to say is entirely autonomous from his club).

Grape Leaf Cafe 30 West James Street, grapeleafcenter.com The insurers banded together for the purposes of their suit, but they had different amounts of exposure. Some insurers were the primary parties covering damages, while others wrote so-called excess liability policies that covered damages over a certain amount. Some insurers wrote policies for only a year or two, while others worked with the N.F.L. for many years. Some of the insurers took over the claims from other companies in mergers and acquisitions. A half dozen insurers settled with the N.F.L. in 2017, leaving 26 companies, including Allstate and Travelers, to continue fighting. Most of their cases remain active, though those companies had to sign off on the Westport settlement. In addition to asking for documents from the league, lawyers for the insurers have also subpoenaed the N.F.L. teams looking for records, and filed motions in a number of state courts when some teams did not comply. The insurers also questioned how the league and lawyers for the retired players established the criteria for their settlement.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThere is no denying that violence has been committed by the protesters, too. But during our hearing on Wednesday, while the police’s lawyers wouldn’t tell the court how many tear-gas canisters officers had used at CUHK, they were quick to say how many petrol bombs had been thrown at them. Yet every mainstream foreign automaker, including Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru and Volkswagen, continues to send new cars to showrooms, despite flagging sales. Brian Smith, chief operating officer of Hyundai Motor America, feels that Ford and Fiat Chrysler’s strategies are shortsighted.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYBut in addition to the many hats he juggled as an entertainer — song and dance man, actor, impressionist, raconteur — Davis became a civil rights activist. He befriended Martin Luther King Jr. and took part in the 1963 March on Washington and the “Stars for Freedom” rally during the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery — even if some of Davis’s later actions, like expressing support for President Nixon or performing for troops in Vietnam, stumped younger, more progressive admirers. Daysy RodriguezDaysy Rodriguez, 55, outside her home in Elizabeth, N.J., left, supplements her full-time job at a warehouse, center, with part-time work promoting a Latin food company at a Food Bazaar, right. She also works overnight shifts as a home care attendant on weekends. She uses the money from her extra jobs to help her daughter pay her way through college. Her daughter is on pace to graduate next year, and once she does, Ms. Rodriguez plans to cut back on her hours. “I’ll be able to rest my body and mind,” she said. “And I hope that happens soon.”

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“It was startlingly white,” she said. “There was diversity in the people I hung out with, the food I eat, my work, but not in this park.” At the Human Rights Council on Thursday, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador, Abdulaziz Alwasil, accused international experts on Yemen of seeking to legitimize the Houthis and denounced their findings as unfounded and “full of lies.”

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The family was among the roughly 12,000 foreign women and children whom local Kurdish authorities have been holding in detention camps scattered across northeastern Syria, along with about 1,000 foreign fighters and at least 60,000 Syrians and Iraqis. All were in custody after being captured or having surrendered to United States-backed Kurdish-led forces as the Islamic State’s so-called caliphate in Syria crumbled. Mr. Gilbert, clean-shaven and wearing an orange jail uniform, stared ahead without emotion as Justice Jackson sentenced him to life.

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Most libraries, I learned, have policies in place to make sure that this happens, and the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights (a real thing!) requires it. So while there’s no good way to prevent your department head from acquiring creationist materials, if she is skewing the overall collection toward her extreme views, you may well have evidence that will be more convincing to the director — or, if that doesn’t work, to the city’s human resources department. Keep a written record of absolutely every conversation. They plan another strike for Sept. 27. Here’s what travelers need to know.

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Then the doctor told Mr. Schaffer something he never expected to hear: “You need a liver transplant.” When you resent, Professor Hieronymi says, you protest that message. You insist, if only to yourself, that you do matter. The alternative is to acquiesce in your own mistreatment, to see yourself as less than Mr. West, as someone he can push offstage. And if you see yourself that way, other people might, too. Resentment is about self-respect — and self-protection.

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